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RevoTrad delivers cutting edge remote-computer Technical support for consumer and small business.


The Terms and Conditions of Service is a legally binding agreement between ‘You’ (customer) and ‘Us’ (RevoTrad).It contains important information about your legal rights and requires that certain disputes be resolved through Arbitration instead of court trial.
By purchasing and/or activating Technical support services by calling us on our toll-free support number +1-855-865-7867 You acknowledge and agree the following terms and conditions.

The RevoTrad Technical Support Services certified Technicalnician team looks forward to deliver quick and effective software support. Detailed below are the policies and procedures, which are meant to provide a framework for an effective and productive relationship with our customers. The RevoTrad Technical Support Policy contains information and guidelines related to service level goals, areas and limitations of coverage and definitions of service.

This policy is subject to change at any time, at RevoTrad's discretion. Notice of substantial changes to terms and conditions shall be posted to you on your given email address at the time such changes are made effective. For customers, partners, and distributors (the “Customer”) who purchase Technical Support Services for software support from RevoTrad Technical support. They are entitled to get the Technical Support Services over the telephone or via email. In the event that you need to escalate a case, our senior Technical staff is ready and available to help you quickly bring your issue to closure. Only Customers with an active subscription to Technical Support Services may receive Technical Support Services.

About Us
The ‘brand’ name RevoTrad is an independent Technical support provider for on-demand Technical Support and not affiliated to any third party brand unless specified. We deliver multiple-brand Technical support services. We are specialized in providing end to end solutions for all your software related problems. You do not need to deal with various technicians for your different problems at our one stop shop. Our engineers have received their accreditation from various industry leaders such as IBM, HP, DELL, Cisco, Microsoft, Sun, and many others. With all these expertise we deliver stout and feature- Technical solutions that result in increased customer satisfaction and we are moving global with each passing day.

Software Support means
"Software" means a computer program of any kind, whether owned by RevoTrad or a third party, whether delivered via download, CD, other media, or other delivery method, including client and/or network security software. Elements of the Software are protected under copyright, trade secret, unfair competition, and other laws. Software includes both RevoTrad Software and third party Software. Your use of Software is subject to the respective agreements such as a license agreement or user agreement that accompanies or is included with the Software, ordering documents, exhibits, and other terms and conditions that apply ("License Terms").
Technical support or Technical support refers to the range of services by which enterprise provide assistance to users by using remote access. Assistance and support such as – uninstalling and reinstalling software applications, continuous crashing of applications, Registry corruption and repair, Startup errors, Blue screen death errors, Slow performance, Computer or Application’s freezing,  verification of proper hardware and software setup, drivers installations, wireless installations, assistance with navigating around application menus, scanning, in few cases proper diagnosing to troubleshoot various issue causing problem.
An "incident support" is defined as the resolution of a single Technical question, problem or issue, regardless of the number of contacts required to resolve it.
Although this support doesn’t include hardware issues. As there are some issues which cannot be resolved by remotely accessing your computer such as – Power Supply, motherboard, hard disk crashes, Adapters or batteries, Cartridges, or any other physical damage in any device.  

Per Incident based Support
A “per incident support” is purchased under the ‘Per Incident Plan’. It is a new Web based Technical support provided via remote control access to an end-user.  This new one time support service offer 24 hour a day phone and email support. It is designed to meet occasional Technical support needs. The price of a Per-incident support request ranges from $69.99 to $200 depending on to the issue and the problem you are facing. However this support will cover complete computer scan, removal of viruses and threats if found during scan followed by free life time protection software for them, complete diagnose and then troubleshooting of the issue you have or found in the process of fixing.
You will also receive some add-on services apart from the support you requested for in this incident plan like pc optimization, tune-ups, removing of unwanted and temporary files, disk de-fragmentation, windows update, and life-time Anti-virus software.       

Subscription based Support
The subscription based services whether that is for one, two or three years respectively is the ideal options for customer’s seeking the highest level of complete software Technical support. It entitles you for versatile, dedicated and customized support with a warranty of peace of mind. It offers you fastest response time. Our on-call engineer will work on your computer to resolve the issue in the shortest possible time.
In most cases, RevoTrad Technical support team will endeavor problem diagnosis and a solution through chat, email or other means as it considers most appropriate under the circumstances including remote access. During support there would be a text file placed on your computer desktop by the assigned Technicalnician that will explain the work that was done on your computer and that would also be the means of chatting with you.


For subscription renewal please sends us an email at or call us direct at our toll-free number +1-855-865-7867.

Support Tools and Technicalnologies
We deploy a number of different tools and Technicalnologies to assist in providing Technical Support Services. Depending on the issue and the nature of the Problem, we may offer a remote diagnostic and troubleshooting service to access your computer system remotely to perform diagnostic and troubleshooting activities on your computer. Before implementing such remote access we would require your express consent for such remote access.

Remote Access Support
Remote Access is a computer program that allows us to connect our support server to your computer via internet remotely. It connects your computers and servers remotely around the clock. We can log into your computer from any of our Technical support Centre in the world and fix your problems remotely. It’s the newest Technology which is friendly and extremely secure. It improves our Technical support service level, customer’s satisfaction and saves time. With RevoTrad Technical support you would be getting all the software and Technology support services via remote access.

Understanding Technical Support Severities
The Technical Support Engineer will work on your computer with you to try to resolve the issue, taking whatever steps necessary to first fully diagnose the problem and then to find a solution. This may involve:

  • Asking you for more information to diagnose the root cause 
  • Permission to run a Quick Scan to detect viruses, Trojans or any threats causing problem
  • Asking for any of late software and hardware changes
  • Permission to install specific software and/or patches
  • Asking for the serial number of the operating system and the software you have bought or using
  • Information about attached devices on your computer for example printer, scanner, modem, router, or other Technology specific information for  troubleshooting
  • Asking for the information about the third party software or hardware vendors (for example, your operating system, any application or any other utility) if we suspect a problem in their product

Technical Support Polices
In order to isolate the issue, RevoTrad Technical Support reserves the right to request that the third-party hardware or software be removed. This will only be done where there is reason to believe the issue is related to the third-party hardware or software.

Third Party Products: If we determine that the Problem may be related to a product from a vendor with whom we have a cooperative support relationship, then we will collaboratively work with that vendor to address the Problem. If we determine that the Problem may be related to a product from a vendor that we do not have a cooperative support relationship with, we may ask you to request such vendor to work with us to address the Problem. If the issue relates to the third party product and not to the Licensed Software, then the third party vendor (and not RevoTrad) will determine the progress and resolution of that issue. Our Support Services do not include installing, fixing, conducting root cause analysis, providing product patches or updates for any other third party products or otherwise supporting third party products.


Support Request Escalation Policy
Our Technical support team always ensures that the appropriate resources, tools and troubleshooting steps should be taken to ensure a timely resolution. However, if you are not satisfied with the progress of your Support, we encourage you to request an escalation. You can escalate a Technical issue at any time either by speaking directly with the Technical support team, or by requesting to speak with the Escalation Manager on our toll-free number +1-855-865-7867

Feature Requests
If you have a suggestion for how to improve or enhance software support, your input is always welcome. Please submit your suggestions through the Feature Request by sending us an email on Unless additional information is needed, you will not receive a personal response. Please note that we do not provide Technical support via this request.

Support Request Closure
A request is typically closed when you confirm that a resolution has been reached or if Technical support does not hear back from you after three attempts to contact you during a ten-day period. Technical Support Requests may also be closed if they cannot be resolved, or if RevoTrad chooses not to resolve certain issues, with acknowledgement and agreement from you.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Your feedback is the only way to measure how well RevoTrad Technical support is meeting your expectations. Customer satisfaction surveys give you the opportunity to provide RevoTrad with valuable information to help improve our interactions with you and design the support offerings that match your needs.
After a resolution you are requested to mail us your experience and views by e-mail to

Incident based plan refund policy
For incident based plans, you will be eligible for refund when any of the following criterions are met:

  • You had all the pre-requisites to solve the problems but still your issue was not resolved.
  • The issue was out of scope for a particular plan.
  • Even after the said period of subscription, your issue has not been resolved by our service technicians.
  • 3 days have not passed after the issue was last worked upon by an RevoTrad Technicalnician

However there would be a 20 percent deduction from the amount you paid for one time support and no refund will be done if the customer accepts the free or paid security software offer and agrees to install it in his/her computer.


Annual Subscription Refund Policy
For subscription based plans, if the customer have availed any services or even one support than 30 percent of Subscription price will be refunded, if claimed within 15 days of subscribing the plan.
If the customer has not availed any services than 50 percent of plan price will be refunded, if claimed within 15 days of subscribing the plan.


Customers who received the support for PC Optimization, Tune-ups and Microsoft Security Essentials software for the protection from any kind of threat, virus, Trojan, worms or spam will not be eligible for full refund. In such cases, amount equating to the cost of Anti-Virus Software, optimization and given services will be deducted before issuing the refund. We may also include the small transaction charge that may be applicable.
A request for a refund must be submitted to the Support Help Desk at +1-855-865-7867 or by sending an email at Any other means for cancellation and refund would not be entertained by RevoTrad.
We also believe that most of money-backs can be avoided. Please contact our qualified staff and you will get professional assistance in any Technical issue you have faced or facing regarding the software Technical support. If you are not happy or satisfied with the provided support and services for any reason, you are always welcome to send us your valuable feedback and suggestions on how we may improve the services offered at We will do the best we can to ensure you are totally satisfied with our services and support.      
Refund policy is subject to change and the latest policy in vogue will be applicable.

"Services" shall not include the following:

  • Software, Including the operating system and software added to the registered hardware products which are out of scope for the Service Plan; As RevoTrad deals in software apart from specified; 
  • Problem diagnosis and support that may not be completed because of a problem with your computer or other equipment, or their configuration beyond our control;
  • Any error which renders the software completely inoperative (system down);
  • Fatal error resulting in system crash;
  • Any item or activity not covered by the terms of a Plan Order;
  • Providing database repair and administration.

Problem that may and do result from

  • External causes such as accident, abuse, misuse, or problems with electrical power;
  • Usage that is not in accordance with product instructions provided by the manufacturer;
  • Failure to follow the product instructions provided by manufacturer or failure to perform preventive maintenance;
  • Problem causing by using accessories, parts, or components not compatible with the product; or
  • Non-compliance with the RevoTrad engineer instructions for resolving the query. 

No Assurance of Problem Resolution
RevoTrad Technical team will use reasonable effort to resolve the customer’s problem regarding to software Technical support as per the plan. However the complexity of Technology will inevitably result in Technical support being unable to resolve certain customer problems. Customer acknowledges that they are aware of this limitation and by subscribing to the RevoTrad Technical Support Service have acceptance of the No Assurance of Problem Resolution section of the RevoTrad Terms of Condition Usage.
Notwithstanding such limitation, RevoTrad does not guarantee problem resolution which is out of scope or cannot be resolved due to unexpected Technical complexities arise. Our Certified technicians will only exercise reasonable effort to resolve the said customer’s Technical problem. 

Availability of services and support under force major circumstances
You hereby acknowledge that circumstances outside of RevoTrad Technical support’s reasonable control (e.g., acts of God, a large scale of outbreak of new virus, strikes, riots, wars, other military action, civil disorder, acts of terrorism, fires, floods, vandalism, sabotage, act of third parties, or the like) may cause significant delay in RevoTrad Technical support ability to schedule a support session. You hereby release RevoTrad from any and all  liability, and agree that RevoTrad shall not be liable to you or any third party for any direct or indirect damages whatsoever, resulting for such delays. RevoTrad support and services may, at any time, without notice or liability, restrict the use of services or limit its time of availability in order to perform maintenance activities and to maintain session control.

Modifications to the Services and Prices
Technical support reserves the right at any time and from time to time to modify or discontinue or temporarily or permanently, the Service (or any part thereof) with or without notice.
Price of all Services, including but not limited to annual subscription plan fees to the Services, are subject to change upon 30 days, notice from us. Such notice may be provided at any time by posting the changes on our website ( or by sending an email to you at your given email address.    

Ownership Rights
RevoTrad owns all rights to the Services and associated material, including the RevoTrad website ( Any unauthorized use of RevoTrad property is a violation of RevoTrad property rights.

Privacy Policy  
RevoTrad has a strict privacy policy with respect to our customer’s personal data. Any customer data is kept in strict confidence by RevoTrad, and is not disclosed to any third party without the consent of the customer.
Hours of Operation
Technical support will be provided in English and you can obtain live Technical assistance from Technical Support team Monday to Friday from 6:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific Time with the exception of Wednesdays when it is available from 6:00 am to 4:00 pm Pacific Time.
Please call +1-855-865-7867.
RevoTrad Customer Support is also available for any ‘Query’ and ‘Enquiry’ 7:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday at +1-855-865-7867or you can email us on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

Service Levels
Although RevoTrad can guarantee neither response times nor hold times due to the seasonal nature of call volumes, RevoTrad will endeavor to meet the following service level targets during standard business hours as described above:
 - Live Chat RevoTrad will target a maximum average hold time of 60 seconds on your initial contact.
 -E-mail Cases initiated through e-mail will be responded to within 2 business hours during all working days.
 -Live Telephone Support RevoTrad will target a maximum average hold time of 2 minutes on your initial contact. Should a callback be required, Sage will target a response within three hours.

Holidays and closures
RevoTrad is closed in observance of the following holidays listed below. While we will make every effort to respond to any questions as quickly as possible you should expect a longer than normal response time around holidays.

  • New Year's Day (January 1)
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (third Monday in January)
  • Presidents' Day (third Monday in February)
  • Memorial Day (last Monday in May)
  • Independence Day (July 4)
  • Labor Day (first Monday in September)
  • Thanksgiving (fourth Thursday in November)
  • Christmas Eve (December 24)
  • Christmas (December 25)



Disclaimer :Revotrad, is an independent organization and a forerunner in Technical support services where our uniqueness lies in the different ranges of our products. Jeweled with certified technicians,Revotrad, does not represent or endorse any of the third-party companies. The trademarks, brand names and logos of other parties are used only for the endowment of information and should not be taken as any kind of accreditation as we respect every party.