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Technical Support For SONY Computer & Laptop

Sony today is one of the leading producers of Technical products like computer systems, laptops, desktops, notebooks and also of cameras, HD television, camcorders, VCD and DVD players. At the present moment there are millions of users of these products. We at Revotrad are in the business for providing Technical support for Sony computer system.Revotrad is fast emerging as one of the leading Technical support companies.

Our technicians are having the skill and the expertise to solve any of your problems related to your Sony computer system, laptop, desktop and notebook. Whether it is for activation, installing, re-installing, updating or un-installing,Revotrad have the proficiency to provide each of these services.

All you need to do is to call us at our toll free number 1-855-865-7867 and the needed support will be provided instantly.
Revotrad’s service package offers you the comprehensive support for your Sony computer system in the following areas:

  • All the laptop, computer, notebook related issues like blue screen errors, virus removal and windows installation.
  • Installing, spooling and general troubleshooting.
  • Sony data storage device troubles including failed disk replacement, wrong drive removal recovery and general troubleshooting.
  • All Sony server issues including installation, restoration and general troubleshooting.


Brands we support:

Acer, Apple, Asus, Dell, Compaq, Lenovo, E-machines, IBM, HCL and many more brands are being supported by Revotrad apart from Sony products.

Disclaimer :Revotrad, is an independent organization and a forerunner in Technical support services where our uniqueness lies in the different ranges of our products. Jeweled with certified technicians,Revotrad, does not represent or endorse any of the third-party companies. The trademarks, brand names and logos of other parties are used only for the endowment of information and should not be taken as any kind of accreditation as we respect every party.